Tax Season Starts January 2024

Tax Season Starts January 2024

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Sign, Pay On-Line, & Direct Deposit

Sign, Pay On-Line, & Direct Deposit

Tax Prep, Consulting, Extensions, Fees

Tax Services are easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Submit an Individual or Business Questionnaire.
  2. Submit Documents.
  3. Review, Sign, Pay, and E-files.

Appointments are available for discussion and or reviews

Tax Prep

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When Tax Returns are Complete

You review, Sign, Pay, & E-files

Schedule a Tax Appointment for in-person tax preparation,

to ask questions about your returns, and or for document review.

Telephone & Video Clients Must

First Submit Documents or Appointment May Be Canceled

Tax Consulting Services

$175 per hour

$50 per 15 mins

prepares Individual, Business, Corporate, Partnership, Non-Profit, Trust, Estate, Expatriate, and Gift Tax Returns. We also offer tax consulting including:

Tax Consulting fees paid to CFS may be applicable towards subsequent related tax preparation work.


Individual Extension fees are $25

Deadline April 15

Expires October 15, 2024

Business Extension fees are $150

Deadline March 15

Expires September 16, 2024

Trust / Estate Extension fees are $150

Deadline is April 15

Expires October 15, 2024

The government will grant an Extension to “File” if you apply before the Deadline, but there are No Extensions to “Pay.” If you owe a tax liability the government calculates the failure to pay penalty and or interest back to the original filing due date. Therefore, CFS advises clients make an “estimated tax payment” to the government with the Extension application if they believe they will owe when the return is filed.


Fees are based on client organization of information, tax forms used, expertise required, and time to complete services. We accept cash, check, money order, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle.

Tax Preparers are registered with the IRS, and California Tax Education Council