Top 10 Audit Reasons

* Random Selection

* Unreported Income

* Improperly Claiming Dependents

* Excessive Deductions

* Not Filing or Filing Incomplete Tax Return

* Incorrect Vehicle Deduction

* Claiming Education Credits w/o 1098-T from School

* Improper Home Office Deductions

* 4 Consecutive Years of Business Losses

* Unusually Large Increase or Decrease of Income

 tax professionals are experienced in tax authority audit procedures, and expert at answering letters and notices.

We offer experienced advice and or representation for Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), CA Employment Development Department (“EDD”), Worker’s Compensation, and CA State Board of Equalization (“BOE”) audits.


audit consultation fees are $175 for review of notices, issue identification, explanation of audit rights, and liability analysis. A $100 deposit is due when scheduling the appointment, and the $75 balance is due at the start of the meeting. Consultation fees may offset engagement fees if CFS is hired to assist with the audit.

will work with you to determine the appropriate scope and fees for your audit consultation and or representation.