tax professionals are experienced in tax authority audit procedures and will review letters and notices, identify issues, explain audit rights, and estimate your potential liability.

We offer experienced advice and or representation for Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), Franchise Tax Board (“FTB”), CA Employment Development Department (“EDD”), California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (“CDTFA”), and City Business License letters, notices and / or audits.

$175 per hour

$50 per 15 mins

“Consultation” and “Quick Question” fees may be applicable towards related work requested within 60 days of the initial consultation.

Top Audit Reasons

* Random Selection

* Unreported Income

* Dependents Claimed

* Error on Tax Return

* Vehicle Deductions

* Tax Credit Eligibility

* Business/Employee Deductions

* 4+ Years of Business Losses


will work with you to determine the appropriate scope and fees for audit consultation and or representation.